Off the Rollercoaster and onto the Merry-Go-Round

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Off the Rollercoaster and onto the Merry-Go-Round
Mon, 09-17-2012 - 7:03pm

Its been a few weeks since I broke it off with my AP (for the 3rd time). Nothing has changed.On Wednesday he was drunk, called and professed his love for me "I love you, I love you, I love you...I want to scream it from the rooftop!" He went on to say how he is his best with me. He sits home in one room and his W in another and wishes he could be with me. This went on for about 40 minutes. Thursday he is sober and calls around 11 Pm, which is late for him. I didn't notice and he texted and continued to call. I finally realized I got a call and answered. He was upset. I reassured him that I just didn't hear the phone. He was crying. Upset we couldn't be together and said I realize I can't give you anything. He wanted to get together the next day. I couldn't so we had lunch on Saturday. It was Ok

I have no idea when I will see him again outside work. He is going on vacation with his W in a couple weeks. He is still not making any movement to leaving his W, still making future plans with her.

One good thing is that I am getting tired of this and my feelings have gone from thinking we have a spiritual soul mate connection...that just can't be helped to feeling that I want and deserve much more than a bunch of words and 2 X a month intimacy. My feelings are waning...this makes me somewhat relieved but very sad too.



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Mon, 09-17-2012 - 9:10pm

How did the 2 of you interact at lunch and how did you feel towards him?  I wonder if your feelings are really waning or if you're just protecting yourself from knowing he's having such a hard time.  I'm on a month today since seeing xAP, and reading this hit home and makes me so sad.  My heart goes out to you.  ((hugs))

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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 9:36am
"My feelings are waning...this makes me somewhat relieved but very sad too."

Sounds like you're getting tired of the shenanigans, which is totally understandable. I don't know why he felt inclined to profess his feelings while he's drunk - why can't he do this sober? If I could even take back half the things I said in a liquored state of mind... Anywho, it appears as if he's wrangling with some issues at home and abroad and it's taking a toll on both of you. I can see how your feelings would wane. Maybe it is a bit of a blessing to be able to move on.