Still involved and even more in love

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Still involved and even more in love
Tue, 04-15-2014 - 9:23am

Good morning- I have been on and off this board for years and my affair has been on and off for the past 3 years with the same man.  He is hot/cold and throws himself into work when he's stressed and usually falls to a low amount of contact.  We actually had our FIRST real date on his birthday last week.  I thought for sure he would back out, but we actually went out to a public place and had dinner and drinks.  Had so much fun and we danced together as well.  We didn't want the night to end, he wanted me to come to his house and not go home...I wanted to so badly.  It was a great night!  He's having some stress in regard to the health of his mom and is distracted.  He's confided in me about it and even broke down talking to me about it.  We have FINALLY said the L word after 3 years, and he did first.  I have an out of town conference that he's supposed to come stay with me at and this has been planned for 4 months.  I'm hoping that he's still wanting to come but will understand due to his mother's illness.  I have scheduled another conference downstate and would LOVE for him to go with to that one as well, but don't want to push due to the distance away.  I just wanted to give an update or a rundown since I'm not sure how many people are still here from when I was.  I'm in love with this man no doubt.  I think of him all day every day and look to any opportunity to see him.  He says his love for me is unmeasurable and wants me to meet his mother.  He told her about us and even thinks of us being together in the future...

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Tue, 04-15-2014 - 2:01pm

I'm so happy for you! I hope you get your happy ending :-)

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Tue, 04-15-2014 - 8:51pm


I hope your road continues down a path of happines! 

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Thu, 05-08-2014 - 3:14pm
Hi Staying, If I remember correctly you're married and he's single (lives next door)? Anyway, if not please forgive me since I may have mixed up the details with someone else. Anyway, do you see & want a future with him? Or are you just enjoying his company and what he gives you right now?