Taking this break to think

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Taking this break to think
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 7:24pm

So I'm taking this break from my A to think about what I want.  So far I've been able to live without him and not break down and have a crisis so that is good.  I know there is no way we can untangle our lives and we will have to see and/or speak to each other at least every other day. 

I found out that his W kicked him out the other night for reasons not related to the A and he was willing and ready to pack up his stuff and leave.  I've also learned this is something that has happened quite a few times in recent months. Even though he has not officially left.   He doesn't let me know things like this, I have insight into his personal life but not to what is going on between him and his wife.  In a way I'm glad.  Whereas he knows personal details about my and H's life. 

So like I said I'm taking this break to really look at my emotions and needs.  To see if this is something I want to continue.  I know he wants this to last as long as possible but I'm not sure it's the right move anymore.  I think I'm wanting and needing more than he's willing to give.