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Tiger n me M
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:39am
Thanks for responding - I had to write you back. That is terrible that your H wouldn't want visitation. Of course it makes things easier for you but I still feel bad for you. Under those circumstances I hope it works out as quickly as possible for you two to be together. I don't have any children yet. That is actually the thing that could be a dealbreaker between me and MM. He has 2 children and loves them but I am pretty darn sure he wouldn't want anymore. I am 5 yrs younger than him and told him a while ago that H and I thought we would start trying in Nov of this yr. That was before the A started. MM has since asked me not to try for baby - he feels that it would make a difficult situation impossible for us to be together. I didn't ask him - what about if I want one later on? You are right about intuition. In my heart I love him dearly, but in my gut I just don't know if a life together would work out the way he thinks. Plus so many people would be hurt. Right now, we can be happy and noone is hurt.

Anyway, I wish you luck. Thanks for your response!