A Week From Hell

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A Week From Hell
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 10:09am

I just can't seem to catch a break with anything here lately, except that AP had told me how he felt.  That was last Monday.  We were together Tuesday and Thursday and both days knocked my socks off.  There was defintely an easier emotional side to both of us.  Like we didn't have to be tense around each other. 


Friday I was asked to by AP and his son to come to his game that was going on that night.  I knew the BFF's were going to be there, if I had gone I would've been ignored so I chose to forgo that game.  Saturday and Sunday BFF's were over there so you know that meant no talking to me.  Well Sunday I had some issues with how his kids were treating mine and I asked him if he would come over and talk to H and I about it.  He never did and finged that he didn't get the message.

Since this weekend it seems he's been kinda off standish.  This week for both of us has been hell as far as work, family and weather goes.  We were effected by the hurricane and had to "batten down the hatches."  So we were all running around crazy.  I've talked to him almost everyday this week but it hasn't been the normal flirty talk.  At one point I asked if we were okay and he said yeah we were fine, it's just been a really hetic week.

So why am I freaking out thinking that things are on the rough again?  Because I'm stupid for one.  I wish I could reprogram my brain to just let go of all the worry and concerns and just go with the flow.  Isn't this what I wanted? 

On top of that my H and I had a long conversation about the fact that we love each other but not in love with each other anymore.  I asked why we were still together and he shrugged.  I'm not sure that we are going to last much longer. 

And the icing on the cake....well I got a interview tomorrow for a job (which I desperately need).  But the job is all of two blocks away from AP's work.  I mean literally I could watch his building.