BF afraid to touch me

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BF afraid to touch me
Sun, 06-29-2008 - 11:06am

I have recently been going through some kind of period of low sex drive/interest. I haven't been feeling myself. It is causing a lot of problems in my relationship and I feel like it is on the brink of ruining my relationship. My boyfriend, because he doesn't understand at all what I am going through (and I can't seem to explain it to him), just gets more and more frustrated every day. He has also said that he is now afraid to touch me. Since he doens't understand me and he doesn't want to offend me or make me uncomfortable he is too scared to initiate anything sexual, to respond to anything I initiate, to touch me in any way at all - even just normal everyday affection. It is killing us. He's more frustrated and nervous and sad every day and I have no answers for him. He's pulling away physically when I think I need him to come forward, or at least stay the same so I don't feel weird and wrong for feeling the way I do right now.

He keeps asking me what to do. I have no answers and I need help. I'm obviously not an expert on intimacy so I don't have any clue what the best things to do are. He asks: what should I do? how should I touch you? I don't know what to say. Can anyone offer any help at all? We have a very strong loving relationship aside from all of this. I don't want this one thing to wreck us but I feel like it is about to do so. Help me help my boyfriend not be afraid of touching the woman he loves so that we can move past this. :(



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Sun, 06-29-2008 - 12:16pm

Trying reading the Sex Starved Marriage book together.