Selfish & LL

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Selfish & LL
Wed, 06-25-2008 - 12:24am

Hi all,

I can get my partner in the mood if i do all the initiating and mostly am on top and you get the idea...

Otherwise i can wait for quite a while before he will 'initiate' by doing something oh-so-sexy like just laying next to me in bed and breathing heavily in my ear.

I have told him time and again I want to be ehm...seduced or something....this lazy crap just isn't sexy. It makes

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Wed, 06-25-2008 - 7:58am

"Would you say that your spouse is relatively selfish?"

Actually quite the opposite.

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Wed, 06-25-2008 - 11:55pm
My spouse was lazy. Ungiving. Didn't listen to me when I told him what my needs were, even though I tried to fulfill all his in and outside of the bedroom. Ignored the problem and hoped it would go away. It didn't. Instead, after 6 years or so of trying to solve the problem, I went away. We're in the process of getting a divorce.
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Thu, 06-26-2008 - 1:31am

Would you say that your spouse is relatively selfish?

Yes, in quite a few ways. But I have a theory about that. He is the youngest of 5, the "baby" of the family. Every other "youngest" I know is relatively selfish and thinks the world revolves around them. I have decided to call it "Youngest Child Syndrome," lol. (I am the oldest/only---I have a stepbrother just a few months younger.)

In other ways, he is incredibly unselfish, more generous than me perhaps. If he knows we are having a BBQ and having family/friends over to eat, he will buy the most expensive, tender cut of steak there is, rather than just doing hamburgers/hotdogs to save money. Me, I'd probably just do the hamburgers/hotdogs, lol. But if he knows there is "company" coming, he spares no expense to make them comfortable.

So I can't really label him as "selfish" overall, it just depends on the situation.

*shrug* :^/

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Thu, 06-26-2008 - 7:31am

My ex was definitely selfish. In the end he expected everything on his terms, and would only help me begrudgingly in all areas. The bed we slept in belonged to me, but if we had a falling out, it was me that had to go into the spare bed, because he was too selfish to drag himself away from the tv in our bedroom.

And lets not talk about our sex life.......



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Fri, 06-27-2008 - 3:17am

Hey, watch it,

I'm the youngest of 5 brothers, and there is not a lazy "bone" or anything else on this body when it comes to sex.

And my ex, the LL in the relationship,

Wishing you good luck today, and great pleasure in the future.