Should I feel bad?

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Should I feel bad?
Wed, 03-18-2009 - 11:02pm

So my BF and I broke up a few weeks ago.

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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 10:31am
I won't judge you :)


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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 10:33am


Not bad but certainly not much better.

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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 11:57am

Hi Kimbernee,

Good to see you back on the board. I don't think there's anything wrong with continuing the sexual relationship as long as your motives are clear. I can't say I agree with your characterization of "LL syndrome," though. It seems to me that the traits you list are no more likely to occur in LLs than in anyone else.

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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 2:14pm

flm, I think she was referring to the excuses the HL always hears from the LL to avoid sex.

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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 2:55pm

I don't think you should feel "bad" as in guilty that you are somehow mistreating your ex.

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Sun, 03-22-2009 - 8:04pm

Oops, I did it again.

I definitely see how this isn't a good thing for either of us long term, but he kisses me and I melt (always did).