Stopped Doing Everything

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Stopped Doing Everything
Fri, 07-04-2008 - 6:52am

Had sex last night, FINALLY :) Nothing earth shattering but at least it was sex between and man and a woman and not me going solo. I think what finally got her to move was I stopped doing just about everything.

So what do I mean? Well, I''ll give you an example of my morning. I get up at 4 AM, feed three dogs, let them out, feed three cats, clean their litter pans, go out clean up after the dogs, empty the dishwasher, fold laundry in dryer and start a load in the washer, after that I go



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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 7:38am

That is funny. Since she is not spending her time taking care of your needs she cleanup animal poop and doing laundry....

I have a feeling that things will be get interesting in your home...

Good Luck and Happy 4th of July....

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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 10:21am
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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 10:51am

I'm sure she thinks that after last night I will just go back to doing just about everything. NOT! The dogs have left some "gifts" in the backyard and that were I'm going to leave them.

I should have done this a long time ago!

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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 11:38am

"I should have done this a long time ago!"

Yep, I can say the same thing about my own marriage.

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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 3:07pm

Wow, coffee in bed sounds like heaven! Heck, my DH had sex with me once this week and offered to


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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 3:26pm
This is so great! I hope we get a progress report over the next couple of weeks of any changes in her lol.



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Fri, 07-04-2008 - 10:38pm

If my ex husband did 1/12 of what you do for her then he might not be my ex now. I think I would have had a heart attack if one day he did a fraction of what you do.


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Sat, 07-05-2008 - 10:43pm
congrats... i like the strategy and i wish it worked for me lol... tried it before and all i got was grief and even less sex than before... So since i love my sons, and our relationship is great outside of the infrequency of sex
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Mon, 07-07-2008 - 1:19am


I agree with tryinghard55. Too much for one person, really! You are someone I would love to have in my home, my DH has become disorganized. I've let our bedroom go since there is no action in there, and have made pointed remarks in response to his saying something about the laundry hanging out in there. It's his, not mine and I told him so. He just finished half of it earlier. U have been way too good for yr wife, glad to hear she has to do some of the work. My sisterinlaw constantly gets new animals and NEVER cleans up or feeds them or takes them for a walk or to the vet. My brother does it, plus housework and cooking/cleaning. How do these bitchy women get such nice husbands?

I'm jealous because I'm nice but don't feel rewarded since my husband's libido just died and hasn't been resurrected. Sometimes I wish he HAD a girlfriend , just so I know he can still function, and I can move on. It'd be a relief, actually.

Anyway, good for you Italybiker! Proud of you!


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Mon, 07-07-2008 - 9:08am

When you were doing all these things for her (cooking, laundry, pet care, etc. etc. etc.) what exactly was she doing?

I read about these spoiled women (your wife, Mrs. Hold) and I just can't believe it.