LL men - I'm trying to understand you.

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LL men - I'm trying to understand you.
Thu, 06-21-2007 - 11:49am

So my b/f has a thing for not finishing anytime water is involved - bathtub, shower... Actually, he only did once in the shower but that was before the water ever got to run on us. He says the same temperature and the sensation of water reduces sensitivity and he just doesn't finish. OK, I figure I'll just stay away from water b/c typically, if he doesn't finish, I don't O either... Is that normal? Have you guys experiences this before?

We can never go again. I'm used to 10-min breaks and repeating orgasms but he just can't get it up the 2nd time around. The 1st time is great - don't get me wrong. Maybe its BECAUSE its so great that I want more... And I'm REALLY kinky too. I was getting my feet wet with videos and body paint, but I seem to be initiating it most of the time. I wonder if I just stop and wait, would he do anything creative? So, tell me if most guys with a med-low libido can go again? Is this normal? I don't have much experience of my own to go by.


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Thu, 06-21-2007 - 12:39pm

Hello Daria,

I'm actually a HL guy, though I can sympathize with him. Depending on the hardness of the water (mineral content), getting the right friction in the shower may not happen. Soft water seems much better. Hard water can be like sweaty skin on a vinyl chair. It doesn't feel slippery and the sensation can be irritating. I've had sex in the ocean and in a swimming pool with my wife, but I've been hit or miss in the shower with her. Masturbation in the shower is not easy in my current home.

I can get it up again after a 10 minute break, but it's a lot harder for men than it is for women. Men apparently get a much bigger release of the hormone prolactin into the brain at orgasm than women. Prolactin demolishes the sex drive and is probably responsible for preventing men from getting blisters from masturbation:) This why men have a reputation for falling asleep after sex and why they tend to only be good for one orgasm.

Maybe he could get you off first with a vibrator (or orally) before beginning intercourse and giving you another orgasm. Or maybe he could give an orgasm after sex using a vibrator or his mouth. If he is LL, then he may not be inclined to for oral sex after regular sex.