New to this board and need help!

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New to this board and need help!
Sun, 12-09-2007 - 10:25pm
I am glad to have found a place to talk about having a LL.
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Mon, 12-10-2007 - 5:23am

Hi and Welcome,

Well, I'll keep this short. I think nothing kills a sex drive like a baby in the house. Now before everyone jumps all over me just hear me out. I would have sex as much as I can but when my daughters were little even I wanted just to go to sleep. Maybe your exhausted? I think my wife and I only had sex three or four times one year when our second daughter was born. We had a 18 month old and a new born. She breast-fed until a year so she was not feeling all that sexy and I was just too tired. Maybe you are feeling the same.

I'm not LL so I cannot help much. I'm sure one of the good LL writers here, like Freelance and Scrapbook can be more help. I just think having a baby is NOT good for anyone's sex drive because they are TOO TIRED


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Fri, 12-14-2007 - 9:53pm
Hi. I too do not have much of a sex drive. I know that having a baby changes your libido sometimes, and usually for the worse. I think it's great that you notice this, and it sounds like you want to do something about it. Are you breastfeeding? On birth control or anti-depressants?
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