update and hope for HL?

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update and hope for HL?
Wed, 01-31-2007 - 2:52pm

See overtime and manipulation post.

Well, I called my husband because I do love him, and all this stress and anger isn't helping either of us.

I asked him to lunch -- code for a quicky. LOL

He said, "12:30?"

I said, "I have to go at noon."

He said, "tomorrow?"

I said, "I am just getting more and more stressed at work as this deadline approaches and you know that!"

He said, "I just want to make you happy. 11:30, 12:00 12:30. What do you want?

I said, "I'll have my assistant cover for me and meet you at 12:30.

Now if he could just say things like that to me more often and help around the house/with the daughter more, I could handle the rest.

Sad but true.


Who is going to have a good lunch and hopefully we will both feel better.