anyone want to move to EZBOARD?

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anyone want to move to EZBOARD?
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 7:54am
Hi, does anyone want to move to EZBOARD??? - i believe all we have to do it start a clashing libidos group there - the format is soo much easier -
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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 9:33am
I already go to EZBOARDS and yes they are so much better there. But you do get pop ups on the boards that are totally free. Still the price of a private, non-ad board isn't that high. And a paid board doesn't mean you have to pay to join a board, it just means someone or some members have to pay an anual fee to keep it that way. Anyone can join a board or lurk on a board for free.

The features you get are high quality and the options are great. I just ran across a board there that offers free themes, and they were really cool. The whole set up is 180 degrees from iVillage. But I bet we get deleted for bringing this up. LOL

That's why I left my email addy on another thread, so I could show anyone who's interested in the difference. There's no reason iVillage can't come up with something simular. GAWD, I feel like I'm on some mission to save iVillage! This is all so crazy, I can't believe they came up with this mess, it's terrible.

I'm all for taking our group someplace that cares more for us than for advertisment, I'd hate to lose contact with the people I've met here.