Close to the End of My Marriage

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Close to the End of My Marriage
Tue, 11-29-2011 - 9:09pm

So, first off, Hi All!

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Wed, 11-30-2011 - 11:15am

Sorry to hear about your situation, you are not alone, some of us on here know the pain you feel all too well.

after a heart wrenching soul baring conversation on my part about how it makes me feel... Depressed, disconnected from her, undesirable, completely un interested in our marriage....

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Wed, 11-30-2011 - 1:04pm

Vent away, it's a p*sser - probably for both of you.

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Thu, 12-01-2011 - 2:04pm


You should actually be working out more and taking better care of yourself. You appear to be on the verge of depression if not there already. Don't be dragged down by the situation with your wife. Physical activity is the best treatment for that.

It signals that you are not a victim. It can also send a message to your wife that you are not going to mope but rather going to take charge of something. It could also serve as a subtle message that you are interested in being attractive to women and, maybe, not just her.

When you take control of your body you will have confidence to make some of the hard decisions ahead of you. You will also be ready to go on the dating market when you are ready if it comes to that.

But mostly you need to feel good about yourself and realize that you ultimately have control of yourself, your decisions, and your future; taking care of the vessel that is your body is the best way to do this.

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Sat, 12-03-2011 - 9:46am
I wonder if your wife suffers from depression? If so, that would explain her up and down "whatever" attitude toward not only sex but housekeeping, etc. Depression shows itself in many ways. Perhaps a physical with her doctor would help and then you could go from there. Good luck.
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Sat, 12-03-2011 - 7:17pm

Why do you address you "low libido people" comment to just the women?