How to Please a Woman from a Man's Persp

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How to Please a Woman from a Man's Persp
Thu, 09-09-2010 - 8:41pm

I know I probably want get many men to agree with me after reading this little discourse, if they read it at all. First of all, there are no seductive pictures or ads for male sexual enhancement product. Sorry guys.

Now I’m sure many ladies reading this ebook are nodding their heads right now and saying, “OMG,it’s about time!” There should be a deep fulfillment that comes from knowing you are truly pleasing the woman you care about.

Now lesson up!

Ah, What a Thought, and a Feeling.

To know that as a man you spoil, spellbound, impact, impart, saturate, and permeate,
amour, woos, and loves your women.

Hold the door, slide the chair, zip the dress, massage the feet, rub the back,
listen to her, lay her on satin sheets to hold her (without having sex) they sometimes
like that you know. And anything else your mind can think of.

Let me take you a little deeper into the water...

Buy a dozen roses the big Ah ha
11 red & 1 pink

Call your women from your office at 10 AM and she might call you to her office (bedroom) at 10PM

Kiss her so passionately that knees buckle at the touch of your lips.
Learn the emotional states a woman goes through during the lovemaking process to make sure she experiences unbridled sexual ecstasy.
On your birthday, give HER a cake

Men are not from Mars and Women aren’t from Venus
Men are from God and the Women from the man

God took a rib from Adam’s side and made Adam a wife.
I don’t touch your rib and you don’t touch my rib.


For peeks sakes,your rib (wife) don’t fit in my side.
And my rib (wife) doesn’t fit in your side.
No wonder people cheat and get caught.

Yes, yes yes.
I wash the dishes and mop floors and – get this
Wash clothes too.
Lesson up.
Foreplay doesn’t begin in the bedroom.
Try slow love making sometimes – moment by moment.
Because woman are like crock pot, they slowly steam up.
Whereas men are like microwaves, pow and it’s over.

Here’s my secret
What do you think is going through her mind when she sees
her man come home from work, come in and get some stick time on the broom.
Wash clothes and do HER so call duties.

Then say to her,”Sit and relax, I got this baby”.

I’ll tell you what will happen...
she’ll never have another headache at night!!!!!

And the all women stood up and said, “Preach Brother”

You better keep what you GOT
You don’t know what you’ll GET

Why wouldn’t you do these things?

After all, she has given birth to your children
Wash you dirty clothes
Put up with your mess
Cried when you didn’t know it
and a laundry list of other stuff.

If you are a women and haven’t been treated or pampered like this
then you should give me 10 min. of your life and let me give you the
chance to pamper yourself.

You can pamper yourself.
You can take just a few minutes each day to appreciate and love yourself.
Listen, here’s what I want you to do.
Look in the mirror and say this out loud, God you did an awesome job on me.
You see, you are an express image of an higher power

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So right!!
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Couldn't agree more. Housework has absolutely nothing to do with sex and I wish the woman magazines would stop telling men they'll get laid if they do the dishes.

I'm not grossed out by it like you, but it doesn't make me more interested in sex.

Then again, I am one of those who gag at the thought of having sex with the feminine Orlando Bloom or Leonardo DiCaprio. I hope masculine men won't disappear all together.

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Fri, 09-10-2010 - 9:09am

I think the reason why this advice persists is because there ARE relationships where the woman is NOT being viewed for all she is and all she does.

I work full-time, bring home more of the bacon than he does through his freelance, part-time gig, and investments. And still, he does nothing around the house. The extent of his responsibilities is to write the checks that pay our bills on time (he fails at this at least 6 times a year or more) and try to keep from overdrawing the checking account (he fails at this at least 4 times a year.) And to do some of our shopping (I run to the grocery store during my lunch at work at least once a week.) Oh, and he mows the lawn and trims the bushes about once a week in summer season. He does not do snow removal of any kind.

I am sure my case is extreme, but I know plenty of other women who have children and work outside the home, and still do way over 1/2 of the childcare and household duties, while their husbands play golf, or video games, or some other hobby. Many women need to be rested and relaxed to enjoy sex. Many women cannot feel that way when there are chores hanging over them undone, or when they've worked 8-10 hours at a job then came home and worked another 4-6 with kids and housework. This is also why the advice to "take her away on a trip" is still out there. Lots of women still see their home as "work" to be done, and cannot "clock out" while they are there in it.

Not saying it's always the answer, but a lot of times it could be. And some of us are so locked into wanting to be "perfect" or "take care of our families" that we won't ever say a word about it, we figure we need to just suck it up. So don't ask, just do. Take her away, use your 1/2 day off to vacuum and clean the bathrooms and scrub the kitchen floor, instead of playing golf. Watch her more closely, pay attention to all that she does, all that she worries about. It couldn't hurt to try it.

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Fri, 09-10-2010 - 11:04am

These strategies may work in some fairly balanced relationships, but, as numerous posters on this board will attest, they don't work at all in entrenched ML or chronically sexless relationships. Men in such relationships have tried the compliments, roses, dishes and childcare, women have tried the lingerie, pillow talk, toys and requests to share fantasies, and it just doesn't work. When the gap is too wide or entrenched, you need hard-core negotiations, followed by a resolution or a breakup.

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Fri, 09-10-2010 - 11:10am

Am I the only one that sees this as a commercial post?


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I thought it might be, but I didn't bother to click the link, because I frequently don't. Does the link take you to a commercial site?

In any case, I thought the concept bore some discussion, regardless.

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Fri, 09-10-2010 - 12:32pm
That is very interesting! I too believe that the advice in many of the magazines is ill conceived.
The question I have is what is a "Real Man"?
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I had to go back to see that there actually was a link at the end of that long post. How can a commercial post survive the ivillage police but xxxs's post about the friend zone can't. Do we have to complain about those kinds of links?