When Is Enough, Enough!! continued sorr

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When Is Enough, Enough!! continued sorr
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 7:38am
I am at the pt. where I am really sick of all the f..... excuses and ready to give him an ultimatum. The longer we stay the longer they will think what they are doing to us is okay and that it is acceptable to us. I am in counseling right now, he won't go of course. I can't trust his word right now b/c he promised b4 we got married he would go if we ever needed to. Well he's not going and he never will. I even went as far as telling his dad the whole situation b/c he is a psychologist and thought maybe he would understand. I realize now that it was wrong of me to bring in family. At the time I was extremely desparate and his dad said that he didn't raise him that way. Well so i am still stuck.

Right now I am working on focusing on me, b/c somehow he thinks he is always pressured. Do your DH or SO ever accuse you of being w/someone else. Mine does. I am almost to the breakin pt. Right now I need to heal physically then I am really going to think long and hard about this b/c I want a "real" husband that values my feelings and needs. I want to have kids too. I am only 26. We are young and we should be having the time of our life!!

Well sorry this is so long. Any suggestions?