Is your man not up to par in the bedroom, is he lazy compared to when you met him?

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Is your man not up to par in the bedroom, is he lazy compared to when you met him?
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 2:14am

Last week I was scheduled for a fasting blood draw mainly about my blood sugars. I asked the nurse if a testosterone level could be checked, she ask me I was feeling tired my DW said he’s napping several times a day.

During my annual physical my blood sugar AIC was 5.8 and normal 5.7 so I’ll keep working on that. My doctor asked how many overweigh kids I saw in High School, my reply was none. He said half the kids in the local High School were over-weight and had high blood pressure at 66 mine was 80/122. I said did you know diet Coke is loaded with salt, he said regular Coke has 5 teaspoons of sugar. The fast food they eat is loaded w/fat, sugar, and salt too. So if you have some children even Einstein’s teenager you might have an intervention.

I asked about my T level because my penis isn’t working too well lately and instead of harden steel is more like soft lead. “Ed your T level is 200 and it should be 400+ to 827 and that’s the reason for you difficulties, I replied still like sex he replied this has nothing to do with your desire it’s just a medical problem, I have the same problem I lost my energy and ditto for my penis. My reply if this keeps up I’m going to need tweezers to get him out my fly! Ed this hasn’t happened over night most men just figure it goes alone with old age, actually it starts in the late 30’s and by 45 ½ the men have low T and don’t even know it (I’m sure you ladies do). Most men think there having ED problems and are ashamed about it. You have done quite well for your age. So doctor phoned in an Rx for Androgel. Doc said you’ll be as good as new in 3-4wks and over dosing doesn’t help.

Ladies if the man in your life has lost his energy and seems sleepy too much and isn’t what he was in the bedroom, you might grab him by the collar and have him tested and maybe those mismatched libidos might be gone. No need to smile his will do for both. Ed


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Ed. This is good information for the general public to have. Also if the androgel isn't working go back to the doc. Not everyone can absorb what they need. My dh gets bimonthly injections (no they don't have to be somewhere awful. His are in his butt) I can always tell when he is overdue for a shot. He gets very irritable and tired plus difficulties in the bedroom. Men don't be shy about asking your doc to check it out!!