Calling all ladies with man problems

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Calling all ladies with man problems
Mon, 09-17-2012 - 12:16am

I’ve seen so many why does my DH/SO/BF don’t see I need _____? It’s apparent some of you Ladies lack an important skillset. As technical instructor for 20 years some you need to take time for a new course of study. The sooner you begin the better, just like you won’t let a new puppy run around soiling your living space with foul smells, many of you do with MEN.

You just assume his parents taught him all you know and want. Then latter you discover he has fouled up your dreams! You’re angry, upset, depressed, that he wasn’t like want you expected when you choose him at the man lot. His steering never goes where you wanted him to go, his engine has lost a lot performance, and finally he just doesn’t respond to you very well.

You can either live with an unsatisfactory product, or like the 6 Million Dollar Man, “We can rebuild him make him better than before”. Here’s a 1:30 YouTube clip for you DOB >1973

Naturally in your case you are the skilled surgeon who will perform the surgery. Now for your schooling:

Ok surgeons, get to work on your man!!! Ed