Can't find your earlier post?

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Can't find your earlier post?
Sat, 03-29-2003 - 12:03am
If so, please know that this new format is making it difficult for everyone, you're not alone. Add to that the fact that the board was fairly fresh when the new system took over and made all the new posts archives AND the fact that the new archives weren't viewable for a few days, it appeared that the posts you'd posted just a few days ago were just plain gone. Well, they aren't gone. In fact, they're here and all have responses to them that you may not have seen before they disappeared for a few days. To view them, just click the link titled "archives" located inside the tan area under the board title "Problem Solving for Couples". You'll be able to see the titles of the posts, the username of the one who posted it and the number of replies it's recieved. To see the replies, click the link of the post. You'll be able to open and read the responses from there. If you have ANY problems doing that, don't understand the instructions or can't find your post, please post here or email me at

Do check your posts though, and feel free to respond to the messages you got. Doing so will cause your post to "pop" back up to the top of the board so discussion on your topic can be continued.

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