How much time couples spend together & doing what ?

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How much time couples spend together & doing what ?
Sat, 01-22-2011 - 5:16pm

I would really appreciate if you can share your opinion regarding-
a) On an average couples spend how much time together in a day ( may be after 2-3 yrs of marriage) ?
b) What are usually the activities they do together or spend time doing together


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There is no average since every couple is different. Careers,children,socio-economic status: all would have a bearing.


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I don't think there are averages for that.

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John, your concern is not for what other couples do, it's for something you feel is out of balance in your own relationship.

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I worry too much about how much time I spend with my boyfriend vs. how much time others get to spend with their significant others/spouses. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 8 months. The entire time we've been together, I have worked 3rd shift with rarely ever a weekend off. He works a varied schedule of 1st and 2nd shift at his job, and also goes to school. These factors basically mean we only get to spend time together sometimes as little as once a week (and right now, while he's in school, the day we spend together won't be a whole day; it will be an evening into the early morning). I used to fret about it a lot, worrying about if he would be happy spending that little time together, and be faithful to me. Since he is the one with the normal hours, he has a social life - I don't. He goes out on Friday and Saturday nights, and sometimes other nights. I used to worry that he'd meet some other girl, either from being out and about, or at school, and that he'd leave me for someone he'd get to see more often.

I'm finally starting to not worry as much. Not that I don't; I still do. But I am trying to train my brain to not worry as much about it, to quit comparing us to others, and to remind myself that even if we saw each other every day, that does not mean things are guaranteed to work out. answer the OP's question...(I know you were referencing married couples, but I thought I'd chime in)...we typically spend one whole day together (if he's off the whole day and doesn't have class; otherwise, it's late afternoon/early evening by the time I see him). He usually stays the night, and leaves the next day either early in the morning, in the afternoon, or early evening, depending on what his work and school schedule is.

Sometimes during the week, he'll stop by in the morning for an hour or two if he's in the neighborhood for school (we live about 30-40 minutes apart, but he goes to school in the city I live in). But, sometimes he has to work before school, or has homework or studying or housework to do, so that doesn't happen a lot.

We make the most of our time together, and never once has he complained about not getting to see me enough. I sometimes feel a bit disconnected, and it can be unsettling. But we do try to talk/touch base every day (or at least send quick text messages).
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