How to start with the right feet?!

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How to start with the right feet?!
Thu, 06-19-2003 - 9:27am
Hi! This is my first post here... I posted before on other boards-

Well, I dated D. for 2 and a half years (first everything) when almost 3 months ago he broke up with me, with not apparent reason he just wasnt felling OK and thought that sometimes we were more friends than a couple.

But we kept contact, dated, had great time, etc...Neither of us dated anyone else.

2 weeks ago he told me that for the last few weeks he had been thinking of getting back together with me, but to start over, a new fresh start so we wouldnt make the same mistakes. I told him that I´m now confused, but that I would like to try to communicate better w/him for starters (that´s our problem). How can we accomplished that?! That was one of the reasons that we fought sometimes!! And also the fact that we not truly deeply accept somethings of the other character (maybe because we have such strong different personalities)

When we go out we have a great time, and stuff! He even calls me the next day to say how much fun he had,

But what I want is him to won me over, to put a little effort after breaking up with me, but I guess he didnt see it necessary because I was allover him.

I also want to really communicate better with him, but it´s seams that it wont happen,because during the week we barely talk...Maybe this is one of the things of taking it slow and from de beginnig. I just cant remember and dont know how to act after sooo many years and things we went through.

I guess I just too confused right now!!