Im terrified im losing my fiancee, Is she having second thoughts about us?

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Im terrified im losing my fiancee, Is she having second thoughts about us?
Mon, 07-18-2011 - 2:57pm

Im 32 and have been with my fiancee for 4yrs, engaged for one, She is 25 and she means the world to me. Im in a touring band so im gone alot and we both live & are from in NY. Lately she has been very distant from me, She doesn't always come straight home from work that much anymore & when i call her shes always at her girl friends place, Or she has gone to a bar or club with them. We broke up last year for 2months before we became engaged because she told me she hated that i was away alot and couldn't stand the girls talking to me, That i should be with someone who can handle it. I kept tracking her & felt empty without her and we eventually got back together. She is my Inspiration, keeps me grounded and im no good without her. I try to make her come with me more but she cant take alot of time off work. I love when im laying in bed next to her, watching her sleep & when she hugs into me, I cant help but always hold her close when we are out and hold her hand, Other times i just stare at her and cant believe that shes my fiancee. Lately at times when im talking to her on the phone and i tell her that i love her, She never says it back to me, or if i try to hold her she'll smile & move away from me. Our sex life is still amazing & she mostly only tells me she loves me during it, She also has an interest in planning the wedding & keeps asking what our 'song' should be. She has started to spend more time than usual with her friends at our place, even though it would annoy her if our band would have sessions there. The thought of losing her is killing me. What do i do?

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Hi Travis.

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I think I have seen this same post on about 4 boards. Yes she is having second thoughts about the two of you.

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A belated welcome to the board, Travis ~

I have to agree with what's been said here.

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