Married 28yrs and feeling bored while tempted by another man

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Married 28yrs and feeling bored while tempted by another man
Sat, 02-19-2011 - 10:02am

Hi my name is Mary, I'm 48yrs old been married for 28yrs and have got 2 sons aged 26 and 15. I'm a housewife and for sometime i've been bored with my marraige and sex with hubby is stale. We both rather spend time with our friends than each other and I also been going to the gym more. While at the gym i've been talking with a younger fella called John he's 35 and very nice too. He's told me he knows how I feel and he got divorced last year. He and I have flirted with each other in recent weeks and a few days ago he kissed me on the lips and asked me out on a date. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him if i was interested in having a date.

I love my hubby, but I can't stop thinking about John and that kiss and i'm so confused as what to do as I am tempted to ring him.

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We can all get bored in a long term marriage. (going on 33 years here myself) But boredom is no reason to cheat on your husband. Maybe if you'd look for some new activities to do with your H you'd bring the spark back. Find some things you'd both enjoy doing together. You'd be surprised how finding something new and interesting to do together can renew the spark.
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Welcome to the board, Sexymary03 ~

I completely agree with Peaceyma.

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If you leave your DH for the hot younger guy, realistically that is something that's probably not going to last--then you will have a whole host of problems.

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Hi Mary, I feel

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A good wake-up call might be to tell your husband about this new gym relationship.