Rumors! UGH!

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Rumors! UGH!
Fri, 04-29-2011 - 6:02pm

EDIT: i wasn't 100% sure where to put this, but considering I'm more concerned about our relationship since we have a wedding coming up, I thought it'd be more appropriate, just any help at all would be great

Hello everyone! For those of you have had rumors about your relationship (that were untrue) I'm hoping you can help me with this complicating situation.

Me and my fiance both work together, he is my boss. (Because of the nature of our job, there are no 'rules', just no PDA or calling by first names). We just moved to a new city because HIS boss gave him a managing job for his taekwondo school. So my fiance is the manager and head instructor, I'm a front counter/ assistant instructor. There is another girl that works with us that I have befriended.

On to the rumors now that we have background. One of the parents of our students pulled me aside and told me to be careful of the parents I talk to because they are gossiping. I thought nothing of it, she was just warning me that I would be hearing bad things. That night I found out that parent called our boss and said that the parents have been spreading rumors that my fiance has been having an affair with the other female worker. While I don't believe that is true (why would my fiance hire me if he's been cheating while at work, wtf??), it not only depresses me that people think my fiance and friend are those kinds of people and I'm just that stupid and pisses me off, but it could also affect our careers for life. If it gets to the heads of our organization, me and my fiance will not only be fired, but we'd be kicked out completely. I also have terrible depression when things like this comes into my life, so I fear I will not only hurt myself, but my relationship. I trust parent that told on the other parents, she is a good person who wants no part of it, but wants to keep us safe from the 'sharks'.

I don't understand why these parents decided to stick their nose where it doesn't belong. I have also been told that most of the parents have been askin our boss if my fiance's 'serious' about me because they want to date and hang out with him. w...t...f. (I have seen the messages with their conversations)

How do you deal with something like this? This isn't petty highschool gossip, this is our job, way of life, and relationship on the line!

(just to clear things up more, my fiance, our boss, and I are all good friends outside of work. During work, we don't joke and play around, we act as though we are just coworkers/employer/employee)

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Sat, 04-30-2011 - 11:18am

Welcome to the board, Ash_face219 ~

You can't really do much of anything about customers who are talking behind your back other than maintain high standards for yourself and conduct yourself in an appropriate, businesslike manner.

Is your relationship with your boyfriend a known fact to the customers or are they operating under guesses, spread word and gossip?

~ cl-2nd_life