Should he pay my cell phone bill?

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Should he pay my cell phone bill?
Sat, 05-14-2011 - 11:40pm

I'm 21 and my boyfriend of 2 years is 23. I'm the only child of my parent's. I live with my parents still. My boyfriend asked me to move in with him into the house he is buying. I'm in college still and have 2 years left till I finish. He has a good paying job offshore. For the past 2 years of us dating he has always said he wanted to take me away from my parents house so I can be happy. Since I was born, my parents have not be good parents to me or good spouses to each other. Short story, my mom's literally psycho.. she suffers with mental problems. My dad has issues and cheats on my mom with many of women. My mom used to beat me when I was younger and my dad was always gone at work. To this day, me and mom cannot get along. She picks with me and tries everyday to start with me. I have tried but we won't ever get along. My broken family life keeps getting worse. Material wise, my dad gives me the world. He pays for my college, my cellphone bill, car insurance, car note, etc. Dad asked for me not to get a job in college so I keep my grades up and not lose my 3 scholarships that help pay for school. Emotionally, as you can see everything is broken. With all that being said, I'll be moving out and my boyfriend has already said I don't have to work if I don't want to because he can afford all of the general bills and his bills.. he wants me to keep my grades up. He said he can afford all of that but he won't be able to afford to pay my bills too. My dad has been argueing with me saying "if he's gonna move you in with him he needs to pay your cell phone bill." My dad keeps making comments like "the boy wants his cake and wants to eat it to." My boyfriend says when I propose to you really soon that's when I will start to pay for your bills also. My dad says different how he needs to pay now. Who's right? Is my boyfriend really being selfish as my dad says?

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Sun, 05-15-2011 - 11:35am

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I think if you decide to move out of your dad's house then he also has the right not to support you any more.

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You know most employers want to see self sufficient graduates, ie those who are exceptionally active not only in academics but also outside of academics.

My DH does a lot of hiring of employees straight out of college.

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Britt, you are 21.

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I think you could ask the question a little differently and clear up the confusion you are going through.

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Your boyfriend doesn't have to pay any of your bills, not your food, your rent or your utiltites.

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