When is it a right time to meet parents?

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When is it a right time to meet parents?
Sun, 06-15-2003 - 2:49pm
Hi all,

I had a question for you.. Well im 19,and my BF is 21. We've been together for almost a year. His parents live approx 20 mins away from mine, and yet they have never met each other. I come from a traditional italian family-meeting the bf's family is pretty important to them. To see if he comes from a nice family, what his parents are like..etc

Well my parents own an italian resturant too, so even if his parents feel awkward coming to my house, they can always have dinner at my work. My Bf's father works in LA *we live in san diego* so M-F he's in LA, and on the weekends hes at home. So my BF's mom tells me that by the time her husband comes back home, they usually relax and get things done. But what im asking, is.. is it really that hard to meet my folks? Or is there a deeper meaning than that. i.e-They dont take my relationship with their son that seriously, they believe meeting my parents is that next step towards marriage *which they dont want until we are late late 20's*, or what?

His mom has told me before that she'd like to come down and meet them. She said i bet your family is curious as to why we havent come down, but we will..etc. And yet whenever i ask my Bf, he says..ya right..they wont come down there. Why?? I think after a year or almost..is enough time to meet my folks.

any advice?