The effects of children on r'ships

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The effects of children on r'ships
Thu, 10-01-2009 - 4:26am

Hi 2nd life, I know this is usually your corner but I hope you won't mind if I contribute something that really helped me get some perspective on my situation :o)


Nine in ten couples suffer a downturn in 'marital satisfaction' once the first child is born, according to an eight-year study

Psychologists at the universities of Denver and Texas examined the marriages of around 220 couples over an eight-year period.

They found 90 per cent suffered what they called a 'decrease in marital satisfaction' after the birth of a child.

But Professor Stanley emphasised that couples should not read too much into the research.

He said: 'There are different types of happiness in life.

'While some lustre may be off marital happiness for at least a time during this period of life, there is a whole dimension of happiness and contentment based on the family that couples are building.

I found it really helpful to know that the huge majority of couples also go through this :o)

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Thu, 10-28-2010 - 1:49am

It's good not to be alone, isn't it?

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