Making Changes In Your Life

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Making Changes In Your Life
Thu, 10-01-2009 - 3:34am


Surveying 2,000 years of self-change techniques, US International University professor Robert Epstein found three favorites that have been recommended through the centuries -- the three M's:

Modify Your Environment

Example: Want to spend more time sending thank-you notes? Put some on your desk and more by your TV.

Make Commitments

Example: Want to learn that software? Daily, tell a friend whether you spent enough time on the program that day.

Monitor Your Behavior

Example: Want to stop saying "um"? Carry a golf-stroke counter. Each time you catch yourself saying "um," click the counter.

What You Could Do Today?

Think about one thing you'd like to change about yourself and which one of the three M's would most help you make that change. Then, use it!

"Ignoring the facts
does not change the facts"
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