Iphone Snooping

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Iphone Snooping
Mon, 10-29-2012 - 3:19pm

My BFF since high school (too long ago to say lol) called me over  the weekend hysterical crying because she has pretty good evidence that her husband of 24 years is having at least one homosexual extra-marital affair.  She would very much like to get physical evidence in order to confront him,  She found out he has a "secrect" iPhone and would like to see if she can snoop through it and get information on emails, text and browsing any suggestions?  She can descreetly get physical control of the device.  She read about a few devices that can read a sim card but she wasn't sure if they work.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. 

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Tue, 10-30-2012 - 6:07pm

FYI.  Hacking is illegal.  Both state and federal.  Aiding in such endevour is illegal too. IMO do not do anything but tell her it is illegal and can come back to bite her hard. 


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 12:28pm

I'm sure if he IS doing as she suspects he has that secret phone pass coded and unless she can somehow get the code (it would be impossible to guess it) she won't know what or if he's hiding something. In my opinion just the fact that he has a secret phone would arrouse suspicion for me. Putting the secret phone aside, what other evidence of this does she have?

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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 5:13pm
my best advice to you would be to tell her to point blank ask him about both the phone and the affair. If she doesn't like the answer, then she should contact an attorney to find out how she should protect herself which ever way she decides to proceed. I would not help her try to find a way to hack into the phone. That is against the law. I'm sure you like being free and having a clean record. The sim card reader isn't going to help if the chip needs a password to get into it, regardless of what device is trying to open it. If the phone is secret, then he's most likely got a password on it to keep her out of it.