Countdown to worst husband

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Countdown to worst husband
Wed, 07-10-2013 - 2:32am

There's a reason why some marriages don't and can't work out.  Really...It's not you; it's him.  Here are some signs that recounts why my ex was the worst husband ever.  Feel free to add to the list... 

  1. 1.   MIA three days after the wedding.  
  2. 2. First thing he says when you surprised him at work is "what are you doing here?" and call a female companion and complains about you being there.
  3. 3. Prefers texting you over calling or seeing you
  4. 4. Choose sports over spending time with you
  5. 5.  Kisses like a wattwiler 
  6. 6.  Have you sleep on the floor while he sleeps in bed cause "he had a cold and didn't want to get you sick" (Granted that he doesn't have a couch or any furniture at all - too frugal to own it)
  7. 7.  Masturbates decade old torn down Victoria Secret catalogue
  8. 8.  Watches porn constantly
  9. 9.  Too cheap to buy you your own steak and have you share his cause "it's more romantic" - cheapskate 
  10. 10. Regift whatever his patients gave him for you - candy, wine, exercise ball. 
  11. 11.   Wear scrubs wherever he went cause he wants others to know he's a MD, plus he only owns two pair of trousers and 5 dress shirts 
  12. 12. You first learned that the marriage was over when a sheriff serve you divorce papers at work - even Russell Brand had the courtesy to text Katy.  
  13. 13. He drain your joint account prior to filing for divorce. 
  14. 14. Married you because he didn't want you to relocate for a job; plus it was higher pay than his.

Ladies - No need to fret over lost love.  We need to make room for the right guy to come along.

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Sat, 07-13-2013 - 11:13pm

Errr, why did you marry someone like that in the first place? 

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Sat, 03-15-2014 - 11:53pm

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