Div Decree "Checklist" / Creative Ideas what not to forget?

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Div Decree "Checklist" / Creative Ideas what not to forget?
Thu, 02-28-2013 - 7:49pm

Soon going to have to bite the bullet for the last time.

Was talking to a financial guy today.   He said (amongst many other things) that he's seen some crazy stuff that people agreed to   &/or   forgot in their divorce decrees.

Im just collecting all the info I can.

What should I NOT forget?

HOW do I know the alimony & CS proposed #s are REALLY REALLY good???

I need to have more than one opinion.    ;)

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The main categories that you have to cover in your divorce decree are:

1.  division of property--remember that his pension is a marital asset

2.  alimony--this has tax consequences.  If you receive alimony, you have to pay taxes on it--child support is the reverse

3.  health insurance--can you still be covered on his policy after the divorce?

4. I don't remember if you have kids, but obviously then you need to include child support/visitation schedule.  It depends on how well you can talk to each other whether you need to have an exact schedule for visitation or can be a little loose about this.  When is child support going to end?  who is going to pay for the college education?

I think you can only know if the settlement is good or not by getting good legal advice.

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If you are going to receive alimony ask for your STBX to keep a Life Insurance policy with you as the beneficiary for an amount that would cover the total amount of alimony you will be getting over the years in case anything happens to him.  You can ask for the same thing to cover the amount of Child Support that you would be getting.  Make sure you spell out who will pay out of pocket medical expenses, how much of the cost will be covered, and exactly what those expenses can be (i.e. orthodontics, chiropractic care, therapy/psychiatric care).  Spell out how you are filing taxes for last year and how you will split the refund or amount owed.  Then think about how you want to file taxes for this year.  If you ahve children you need to specify who gets to claim them as dependents for taxes. 

I think there are several APL and Child Support calculators available on line to sanity check your numbers.  These are for the state of PA: https://www.humanservices.state.pa.us/CSWS/CSWS_controller.aspx?vwLSDeJNfdXW9P110oCRS8R1LW2aBi10@L8eMgDJbYroccT0hSEV@kP4Go_XvhU12bHhM35r8jAJDEcpsSa7SQ--nB6X7Dgyze3B6KKHwCB6Z54dpB2u2iI4HAFjHxnsnJqnt0AuXd76


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