Ex's new girlfriend is a nut case-advice needed ((long))

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Ex's new girlfriend is a nut case-advice needed ((long))
Sat, 01-21-2012 - 9:36am

About 3 months ago he started dating her, although they still deny they are together. This is because I have a had a boyfriend for a year now, and he has tried to convince my kids that I am wrong for that because we are still married. (started the divorce process 2 years ago now & has been prolonged due to him) Anyhow, it's so unhealthy for the kids. He has been dating since we seperated, but always hid it from them. he has even gone so far as to tell them he'd never date someone.

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I think the only way to deal is through your ex.

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If your EX isn't paying child support why isn't he in jail? And if that's because you can't bring yourself to report him to Friend of the Court, then shame on you. Call it in!