Hello! I'm Wisdomtooth2020

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Hello! I'm Wisdomtooth2020
Sat, 07-23-2011 - 7:25pm

Hi all,

I'm back! I was CL of this board a couple of years ago and took a hiatus to do other things. I'm glad to be back here and look forward to giving my best to all of you who seek advice.

My "divorce experience' happened 12 years ago at age 37. I remarried at 39. I did not have children with my first husband, nor did I inherit stepchildren in my second marriage. So, I am not a parent, nor did I endure a custody battle or child support battle. However, I will be as objective and helpful as possible for those of you facing those issues. I will not pretend to know what it is to have kids in the middle of this very, very difficult process.

That said, I have survived and thrived. So will you given enough time and effort. I am a strong believer in getting support to help yourself through separation and divorce. i will also encourage some to work on their marriages and try to keep things together. That said, I will not endorse staying in an abusive marriage or where children are dealt abuse. In that case, my first priority is helping you find resources to escape abuse, and then address questions about separation or divorce second.

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Sun, 07-24-2011 - 1:22pm
Welcome back to the board!! Great advice already :)