Need advice about visitation after arrest

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Need advice about visitation after arrest
Sat, 07-05-2014 - 9:26am

My ex husband tried to reconcile after 2 yrs being separated. Hes an alcoholic, and he claimed he had straightened up & the issues in our marriage before wouldn't be there. We talked a lot & he swore he would work hard to be a better husband. Now mind you we were apart for 2 yrs so both of us saw people in that 2 yrs, he & I both agreed we would put that past us & move forward. But he quickly proved he was unable to do that. He started right away with the comparisons between himself & the other men that were in my life. I on the other hand was able to not bring the other women up. I pleaded with him to please stop with the insecurities & the harrassing each night because it was not helping the relationship, we were fighting each night. He is an alcoholic (starts drinking first thing in the am & doesn't stop until he goes to bed) he has been laid off since october. Recently d/t my lack of interest in the relationship he has started talking about ending his life & last wkend he got very intoxicated & took a lot of pills & things got very bad in our home & our 8yr son witness a lot of things he shouldn't have which scared him a lot. The police ended up coming the nxt day & arrested him for disorderly conduct & endangering the welfare of a child. He is now living with his mom & we have an order of protection for both myself & my 8 yr. No contact whatsoever. Im confused & scared about what to do now. Do I ask that visitation be allowed for him & my son? at least supervised? I don't think his mental state is good enough for him to have him like our old visitation was which was complete joint custody half & half. my mother thinks I should keep it like it is & not let him see him at all, but my son misses his dad. But he at least now sees his dad for how he really is.

any suggestions??