Five boards which merit a visit...

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Five boards which merit a visit...
Thu, 02-10-2005 - 12:39pm

I'm cl-thatyank, and I co-cl four boards and cl another over at House & Home Channel.

If you have interests in any of these these boards, come on over and chime in on the conversations going on there.

Just click on the links below for:

Stitcher's Niche

Our primary focus is three-fold: sewing, embroidery (primarily cross-stitch) and yarn works (crochet and knitting). We also deal with some cross-over crafting, like beading, and work closely with cl-cattaz2001 at Quilting and cl-akamarti at Crafter's Community

Please join us, share your completions, moan over your WIPs and UFOs, ask any of your questions, contribute tips or techniques --- as we discuss our love of stitching.

And you are more than welcome to promote the "Toxic Relationships" board at the Explore iVillage thread for Stitcher's Niche. It's located in the "iVillage News, Views & Reviews" folder at the bottom of the page and we try to keep it near the top at all times:


Holiday Fun

Homemade greetings? Chocolate desserts? A romantic dinner for two? How do you plan to show your love this Valentine's Day? Join your hosts cl-exsmoker2 and cl-thatyank as we discuss all things red and romantic. Share your suggestions and get hot holiday tips that will make February 14 an occasion to remember.

And when Valentine's Day is come and gone, we'll morph into our next incarnation! Anyone for St. Patrick's Day?

We change out the folders so frequently that we haven't set up an Explore iVillage thread or folder at Holiday Fun because things disappear into an archive somewhere, but you are more than welcome to post promos there in the "Just for Fun" folder...



Gardening is the newly revamped board which is designed to absorb all the posters from the other gardening message boards now set as "read only." Whether you’re planting your first garden or enjoying another year’s healthy harvest, this is the place to ask questions, share your technique tips and more. cl-sparkles1981 and cl-thatyank invite you to join this friendly discussion about all things green and growing.

You are more than welcome to promote the "Toxic Relationships" board at the Explore iVillage folder at Gardening


New Home 911

Moving into a new home can be both daunting and exciting -- it is a major life change. Large remodeling or decorating projects mixed in with unexpected expenses and repairs can throw the most enthusiastic new homeowner for a loop. Whether you are ready to ship your contractor to Timbuktu or need to win the lottery to fix that leaky roof, this is the place to commiserate, get advice and ultimately share your dreams with other homeowners like yourself.

You are more than welcome to promote the "Toxic Relationships" board in the Around iVillage folder at New Home 911.


Antiques and Collectibles

Jewelry, furniture, decor and more! Join your hosts cl-sinclairwife and cl-thatyank as we discuss all things collectible -- from tchotchkes to priceless antiques. Find answers to your top questions (Will I ruin the value if I strip my table?), swap advice (What's the best antiques mall on the East Coast?) and meet new friends who share your passion for collecting.

Antiques and Collectibles has an EI folder at the bottom of its message board page. Please promote there!

Co-CL for "The Stitcher's Niche", "Holiday Fun", "Gardening", and "Antiques and Collectibles". and CL for "New Home 911"

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WIP Rotation:

Mondays: "Snowman Alphabet", designed by Linda Gillum, chart in Cross Stitch Gold, issue 17

Tuesdays: "Shades of Aubergine", designed by Mary Hickmott, chart in New Stitches issue 131

Wednesdays: "Amish Quilt Sampler", designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum for Told in a Garden

Thursdays: "Blue Porcelain Collection", design by Di Noyce, chart in Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading, issue 57

Fridays: "Blue and White China", design by Leslie Teare, chart in Cross Stitch Gold issue 20

Saturdays: "Golden Gate Avenue", design by Nancy Rossi for Janlynn

Sundays: "Winter's Twilight" stocking, design by Dennis P. Lewan for Dimensions Gold

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