you'll be made most welcome :o)

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you'll be made most welcome :o)
Thu, 02-10-2005 - 11:34am
If I may, I’d like to tell you all about the board of which I am co-CL. It's called Over 40 and Loving It.

We're a happy bunch of girls and you'll get a warm welcome from us if you decide to come and see us. We talk about anything and everything, offer hugs, shoulders and laughs depending on what you need.

We have a chat room on a Sunday at 5pm ET too. I know that’s early but some of us are from the UK and any later than that would mean us staying up way past our bedtimes! LOL

Although the board's title is "Over 40 etc.", please feel free to join us even if you don't "fit" the title. Age is just a number that, if we’re lucky, gets bigger and bigger and we certainly won't turn you away.

Just click on the lead in my siggy - I'll watch out for you!

Anne :o)