Cheated on and feeling like I am being disciplined for it

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Cheated on and feeling like I am being disciplined for it
Tue, 04-08-2014 - 8:06am

Im not sure if Ive written about this before, but if I have please forgive me. So much more has come to head in the past wk....

I have(had) been dating this man for a year. When we first started dating he did exactly what every woman wants, tells me everything I want to hear. Im beautiful, Im perfect, cant believe I met you. The relationship was off to a great start. He told me he didn't drink, didnt use drugs, was easy to get along with. But as things progressed, I saw the other side of him. He did drink, and when he did he was very angry, he did like to use drugs, and he had the worst temper. I was walking on eggshells most of our relationship. There was no talking to him about anything unless it was about how beautiful the day was & about how wonderful he was at everything he did. He loved his ego stroked, and he did it often. He used others constantly & wasn't afraid to jump from one friend to another to get what he needed. Including me. He seemed to only come around me when he needed me, when something else was more important (like his truck) he was there. He jumped at the opportunity to go hang out with his friends & leave me eventho we didn't see much of eachother during the week. On more than one occassion I caught him talking dirty to girls thru text which he said was "innocent" and I also found that he was answering craigslist ads, tho he said he had no intention of ever following thru with anything. I, like the idiot, stuck with him. I felt like there was something holding me to him, like he was my drug. Whenever there was an argument, instead of talking about it, he would just get up & leave, and sometimes not talk to me for days. Of course, everything was always my fault, I was always the cause for everything. Most recently, just last wk, a co-worker of his ( & FRIEND) contacted me via txt, and told me that I was better off without him. I asked him why & if there was something I needed to know. He was hesitant, but asked me how many women I thought he was with during our relationship. I was like, ummm, none I thought. He said, 6, as far as I know. I was dumbfounded. I knew that he liked to flirt, but I honestly didn't think he was screwing around. So when I confronted him about it, which had to be thru text, cause he wouldn't meet me anywhere. He at first denied it, then when I told him my source, he has since talked to me. He has blocked me thru facebook and won't answer any of my texts. Its like I did something bad here. I feel lke I'm being disciplined for it. I just want answers as to why he would do such a thing. But I guess I should know that will never happen.