The horror of domestic violence will end and life will start

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The horror of domestic violence will end and life will start
Tue, 09-10-2013 - 6:02pm

Hello, at one time I was just like many of you, very pissed at my husband for everything he put me thru.  I didn't think life could be so cold to me and I wondered each day how I would face this abuse both mental and physical.  From the time we were married in 1987 to 2010 I faced his bull.  At first, I thought it was me that caused him to latch out and talk about me as if I had a tail.. Then the physical abuse started.  Each time it got worse from slapping me, punching me, chocking, shotting me with a bb gun, to hitting my knees with a hammer or my head.  So many things he did to me.  I wasn't thinking then about how I would feel later.  Hell, I didn't think I would live later.  Many times, I wanted to kill myself then to suffer another day or night with him.  Or he would kill me. 

Yes, I left him many, many times.  Once I found this website and began pouring out my life on this board.  I was given plenty of advice but I still loved him and I would go back.  Again and again I did so.  Many times, I just needed to get away for a while.  No, he didn't always say he was sorry or that it wouldn't happen again.  He told me, it was my fault and if I hadn't lied to him, he would treat me better.  I believe his bs.

Finally, I left in 2010 around Xmas and I stayed until Februray.  He would call me at work and tell he how he needed me.  But I was determined this time not to go back.  I knew he had cancer but he beat me and I didn't care.  One day, he said he couldn't beat me anymore because he didn't want to die alone and no one would help him but me.  So, I went back, he was very sick.  I stayed until he died in April 2011. 

Life has never been better.  I'm so happy that its unreal.  I am always smiling, dancing and singing.  Ladies there is hope out there.  I prayed everyday for God to rid me of my burden. He answered my prayers and everything since has been easy.

Each day, I pray for all of you.  Ladies there is a life afterwards.  I found one.

God bless you.

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Thank you for updating us on your story.  I'm so glad you have been able to find peace now.

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I'm grateful you have found peace on the other side of this . . .
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I'm so glad you're free!  Now go get yourself some counseling to undo the damage the years of living in an abusive relationship did to you.  Even if you feel fine, I promise you, there is much damage; you're just used to what seems like "normal" to you now.  You won't believe the difference it'll make - if you think you're happy now, you won't believe what happy is once you've worked through the damage.  Trust me, I speak from experience  :)

~ cl-2nd_life