What do you think about the new format?

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What do you think about the new format?
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 2:40pm
What do you like, dislike, have a suggestion or comment in regards to the new format-we want to know! Post them under this link so we can let iVillage know what you think. I know there is a welcome board where you can post your thoughts but as members of this board we'd like your feedback. I am sure there will be some changes and tweaks as time goes on once everyone gives their feedback on the new format. So let us know what you think and we'll pass it along.

Mel and Marie


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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 7:14am
Is hate too strong a word?
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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 10:34pm
As a former user of the previous format, I find this board less user friendly. I enjoyed being able to view the titles of the replies to messages as well as being able to click on "Next" and "Previous" to conveniently go from message to message.

It seems that this board is intended to be easier to administrate, being that leaders don't have to retire full boards.

Members who were not familiar with the previous format would be able to start using this board without the same level of expectations that daily and hourly visitors had.

I can say that this board is disappointing also, because not being able to quickly view your board "friends" (without having to click and click and click) diminishes the excitement to keep coming.

I have also viewed the other formats and it seems that less effort was put into those boards to make it as "slick" as this format.

It would be a relief for these boards to revert back to the old format, but that would be wishful thinking.

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 8:04am
Try using the outline view at the top of the board. That way you do not have to open each post you can see who posted and the first line of the post.
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Thu, 05-15-2003 - 10:09am
I don't like it at all! :( The other format seemed more personal. I enjoyed scrolling down reading some of the responces to the posters. This is format is more time consuming. I am not at all happy with it!
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Thu, 06-26-2003 - 1:03am
I don't like it. First of all, the print is hard to read since it is purple or gray on a black background. Secondly, I don't understand the division into Off-Topic and Discussion. Many of the posts in the Off Topic section seem very much on the subject to me.