Am I too demanding?

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Am I too demanding?
Wed, 05-28-2003 - 1:28pm
My boyfriend of over a year is simply inconsiderate. I'm 28, he's 27.

He basically ignored our 1 year mark. He took me out on our 6 mos, and said it was my turn to "celebrate him" for the anniversary. But I didn't even get a card or flowers from him. Disappointed, I paid for dinner and a concert. He got baseball tickets the following week for "our" celebration.

He also splurges money on himself but splits pennies with me, or keeps track of whose turn it is to pay, which is so annoying. He used coupons and a sale to buy me Xmas and birthday gifts. When I'm sick and we go to the doctor, he says it's a waste of time to be waiting so long. I told him he was free to leave in my car, and a friend could take me home.

We started planning a vacation this summer, and I suggested Argentina (my dream vacation). He wanted to go for 3 weeks, vacation time that I'd have to wait for, but he didnt. He said he shouldnt have to "ask permission" if he wanted to go alone, so I said "go." We had looked at a Caribbean cruise because of my shorter vacation time, and booked it. When I asked about South America, he had already booked the trip for himself! I got furious but he saw nothing wrong with that. He went ahead and splurged and planned his trip without me because he says I'd get annoyed if he mentioned it. He even got contact lenses (never had them before) and a hair cut. He calls from abroad to say he loves me, giving me details of places he's visiting, saying he wanted me to go on this trip with him. I am angry, and so disappointed.

How much should I demand? My friends are NEVER this emotionally stingy and rude! He says he's committed to me but A-L-L my friends say dump him. What should I do?

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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 2:07pm
Dump him.