Am I wrong?

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Am I wrong?
Mon, 06-02-2003 - 2:57pm
Ok please tell me if I am wrong for doing this. My boyfriend of seven years just broke up with me and suggested we be friends because he said he wasnt happy with himself, so he couldnt make me happy in our relationship. Well we still have been going out and hanging out as if we are a couple. SO here is what happened, I met him at his house because we had made plans to go to movies and a dinner. When I go there he wasnt ready, so he still had to take a shower and get dressed. WHile he was in the shower I decided to go through his cell phone. There was this one number that appeared on his phone as a missed call 15 times. So I called it and a girl picked up the phone. I let it go for the rest of the night until i got home. I called the number back and it was his ex girlfriend and she said that they were still together. I called him afterwards and he told me that she was calling him so that she can get her stuff back. and that she was lieing to cause problems between us. Now she keeps calling his house and cell phone. I dont know what to believe. I was wrong for snooping, but what if what she says was true and he lieing or she could be lieing too. So I dont know what to do. Please give me suggestions
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Mon, 06-02-2003 - 3:29pm
He's no longer with you and he's got no obligation to you. If you wish to conduct yourself with him as if you're still together - he'll likely be happy to be a no-obligation recipient of fun, sex, and companionship.

But he's calling well as her calling him. That's evident or else she ouldn't have called 15 times.