depreesed girl gf

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depreesed girl gf
Fri, 09-20-2013 - 6:06pm

what your thoughts on dating a having a gf that has depression and take fluxotaine(prozac) 10mg everyday. at times she very negative and makes argument and slight over sensitve so if i say something she get heart very easily. she told me she took the meds for 2 year now but another guy mutual friend who knew her long ago said she was taking it when she was 19 and shes 25 now.

anyone here has experience with ppl who has depression and goes counselling once a week and take that meds fluxotaine
shes always late too. one hour late . you tell her to meet you at 5 and she comes at 630. she never changes. its like some time management problem
why is she like this? i asked and she said no job and ex bf problems make her take this drug. its been a while since her ex bf since im with her close under a year
i have to admit it so hard being with her. she make me all stressed out, cant sleep, she frustrates me.
she never told me she took meds. i just kind of figured it out. she mentioned counselling, and when we date shes off. i can tell shes off too.
i jsut stick with her since i cant find a new gf and its very hard for me

also she hate guys. i read this in her diary one time in her room. she hates guy and said they should all die."all men die in this world"
this is since most men just use her for sex and not wanting her for a relationship. i dont blame them, being with her is sooooo hard