drifted apart

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drifted apart
Thu, 05-29-2003 - 9:14am
Hello, Im new here but I have a question here goes

Ive been maried for 15 years 2 kids we just moved from a province to another and we are very far from friends and familly, my husband told me in january that we have drifted apart and does not want to talk about it I tried my e-mail, letter etc and yes face to face and still he does not answer me I still love but dont know what to do anymore hes the only that always told me that we were ment for each other for ever and now all of that is gone ok I dont know why but he say that I dont talk Im home I dont work I have no friend and I have the kids that all what am I suposed to talk about!!!!! so he has decided that we have drifted apart but still stay in the house with me please help me dont know what to do

thank you