He says: I have nothing to talk about

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He says: I have nothing to talk about
Mon, 03-24-2014 - 1:38pm


so me and bf get back together after being broken up for two months (his decision). He came back and we got together about a week ago. Everything seemed back to normal, talking on the phone every night, being playful, etc. We spent time together twice last week and everything seemed fine. Then on the week-end he had his kids, so i didn't bother him too much knowing how busy he gets when he has them, i didn't want to bother him. I called on the Saturday, and he seemed less interested, more a quick call from me to say hi, and i will talk to you later sort of call. Then Sunday came, and still he had his kids, but no call from him (he always use to call even with his kids around), i thought it was odd but, thought he might be too busy. Later on last night after i knew the kids were gone i called and left a message. He called two hour later, when i was already in bed, and i asked if he was ok. He said yes, that he was busy doing laundry. Then i mentioned how unusually quiet and he answered me: "i have nothing to talk to you about". He seemed cold. I was upset with his answer and say: OK and said bye and hung up. I'm so worried now and scared...wondering if he regrets getting back together is going to break up again.. I will not call him and wait for him to call me. I will back off. What's your input and advise on this? thanks to all that reply.

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Mon, 03-24-2014 - 2:25pm

Unfortunately it does sound like he is having 2nd thoughts--he probably missed you while you were broken up, but maybe being together reminded him of why he broke up in the first place.  Sorry. :(

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Mon, 03-24-2014 - 11:46pm
I agree! Second Thoughts. Now you know, and now you can move on.
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Thu, 03-27-2014 - 9:57am

Doesn't sound like he is very enthusiastic about being back together with you. I think you can do better than "I have nothing to talk to you about".