Hi everyone,

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Hi everyone,
Sun, 06-01-2003 - 2:26am
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this board for a couple of days and this is my first time to visit ivillage.com's Message Boards. I apologize for disrupting several boards today and next time I’ll definitely stop doing that. Wow, I feel a little bit overwhelmed because there are more than 500,000 messages out there. What's the story of your life?

I would like to find helpful online articles for you to look at. So, please don't let me down and I would be happy to receive your quick response. You can reply your messages here or elsewhere. Please continue to read my up-to-date post-up messages as much as possible. Don't ignore them because you may miss any of my positive advice and encouragement.

Remember God always loves you no matter who good or bad you are, and how much you have personal struggle through tough time. Please note that "love your enemies" is a slogan. We are sinners but not perfect human beings. God has different plans and purposes for you and everyone else. Everyone is different and unique. If we say, “We all have irreconcilable differences,” then it doesn’t mean we cannot be friends at all. We can accept each other’s differences regardless of our background, experience, strength and weakness. We can forgive each other’s mistakes as long as we continue to build up our companionship. Again, God is there for you and everyone else. Do you have any prayer request? Let me know right away. Just give you a smile :0

Thanks for your attention!