Latest Update On My Situation

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Latest Update On My Situation
Wed, 04-17-2013 - 2:16am

Okay it's been a few week since my BF's last post and they're gradually becoming less and less frequent. I'm beginning to suspect he might be cheating on me as he's recently hired a younger woman as an "intern" who's considerably more attractive then I am. 

       It's been nearly a month however since his last Tweet and the follow button indicates that he just hasn't posted yet, I'm not too sure whether or not that's actually true. However, there's a lot of bridal news regarding him. I just have such a hard time with his antisocial cold attitude.

      According to one psychiatrist I saw, he has Asperger's and he was once placed in a position where he was heavily in the spotlight and public eye because of his designs, however, he faced a lot of prejudice from the competitors surrounding him in this event. What I was told by my ex-shrink, Gonzalo, is that any Asperger's would go through Hell doing this, which I believe is proof of how strong my BF really is.  

    I've got the disorder too, but I've heard of many people with it who are very creative and brilliant. Clifton, my ex, also had this, and he had an IQ of 120. I guess I hooked up with my BF orginally because I felt sorry for him. But what really brought on the beginning of the relationship was when I used this erotic spray expecting to have dreams about Clifton but I ended up having very passionate ones about the guy I'm currently with. A short while after that I began emailing my BF.

      Generally I feel healthier now that I'm on a higher level of meds, but I think something might need to be done still as I keep attracting psychotic delusions. I haven't really gotten a lot of answers on how the upped Nozinan will affect me because Robin hasn't been able to meet with me in since early March, it's been almost six weeks since I last saw her, and the times she suggested I come at for this injection were very inconvenient, so I'm going to see if I can get a nurse to replace her for the appointment again

    I tried to get in earlier to see Dr. Mohammed but the staff at my clinic just wouldn't let me, despite my requesting more visits with him. I'm coping better now but still the time between posts from my BF drains me and burns me out quite a bit.