is that love? or friendship?

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is that love? or friendship?
Tue, 09-20-2011 - 11:02am

What does it mean when a guy chat to a girl and calling her everyday?
he is a korean guy by the way and i live in another country,,we never met before ,,,and he call me sweetie,,dear,,,lovely,,,,he is smart really nice guy,,do u think he love me or what?

i'm planning to visit south korea next year and i told him that

He also has a great voice and record couple of songs in a studio and he send them to me to listen ,,,and also send live song via email while we 're chatting,,most of them romantic like "only hope-mandy moore",,,"hello-liionel riichie"
and last time we talk on the phone he said next time i'll sing live to u on the phone,,,,

so is that a good friendship or love?

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Tue, 09-20-2011 - 11:23am

My personal opinion is that it's not possible to love someone whom you have never met in person, but it's possible to have a fantasy of being able to love someone.

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Tue, 09-20-2011 - 11:24am

I think you need to be careful with getting too smitten with a guy you've never met and have only spoke to online. He could be sincere, but he could also be doing similar things with other women he's met online. Seriously, this guy lives in another country (and other than what he tells you) you don't know anything about him. He could have a criminal record for all you know. I would really proceed with caution in going there and meeting him, especially if your planning on going alone. You really can't be in love with someone you've never met. You may both be smitten with each other, but that's not real love. And since you live in different countries this has little to no chance of going anywhere unless one of you would be willing to move to the others country. I would keep this a online friendship and not jump into anything with this online stranger.

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Not to sound like your parents, but talking with someone who is in a different country and whom you've never met is not going to go ANYWHERE. In fact, all I can see from this end is scam. He'll probably ask for your bank account number in due time.

I also believe you cannot love someone you have never met. You can love the idea of who they are in your head, but you truly do not know them.

He is either a scam artist, really lonely, or going to use you for something. Are you lonely yourself? You are really getting carried away with the pet names and love songs he's sending your way.

I am sorry to seem so negative, but it's reality.