Need some feedback, please.

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Need some feedback, please.
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 12:58pm

My husband and his mom own/run a restaurant. before I went back to work full-time (45 hour work with commute total of ~ 50 hours) and had our daughter, I would help out when they were inbetween staff and needed an extra hand here and there. It has now been a couple of years since I have been back to work and our daughter is a week short of 5 mos. Working full time is already tough becasue I have to be away from her for so long. I look forward to the weekend when I can spend some time with her.

My husband just called and told me that one of his waitresses quit and if I could help them on Sat night and maybe get one of my friends to watch the baby. Instantly I responded. I'm sorry, but I really want to spend time with our daughter. The restaurant is pretty successful and Sats are their busiest day but I know if they dont pack it up, they will be able to manager. Plus I know that after all they have done for this waitress asking her to come in one more day is not the end od the world. Whatever happend to 2 weeks notice. Knowing his mom she got annoyed and told her to piss off... which is not my problem.

My husband is not understand of my not wanting to help and wanting to stay home with our baby. he is angry with me and that hurts me but I feel like this is the right thing to do for me. Am I doing the wrong thing?





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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 2:23pm

This is a family business that you married into.  If that is not what you want leave now.  Playing with the baby is not as important as showing you are with the team.  Resturants etc are 24/7 jobs.  It you are not able to do this then sooner or later it will come to a head.  If is unrealistic to be able to find help that quickly and new help needs to be trained.   Can't do that in a couple of hours.

  Now I have worked these jobs and know couples who do.