Saving naked pictures of ppl you've been involved with

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Saving naked pictures of ppl you've been involved with
Fri, 08-10-2012 - 7:15pm
Do you think it's right to save naked pictures of people u have been involved with even though you're married? What do u do if you stumble across pictures of this nature on your partners phone/computer?
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I'd tell him " If you have any respect for me, you'd get rid of them"
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Right is a value judgement.  If one was snooping then they bear the responsibility for their own feelings.  If a person is so threatened than perhaps they are not ready for a relationship.   People have had a life before marriage they also have the right to their history after all it is not about you but them.  If you can't handle it then leave.  So the other can find a more suitable partner.

  Note that there will be lots of things not to like.  Every relationship has items by both partners that the other does not "like".  If one want a relationship they must first accept the other warts and all if that cannot be accomplished then the relationship has no chance.  Of course there is another way ask questions about that person.  Everyone has some history is around.  Whether it is old love letters,a diary,a journal,etc.  One can feel insecure over many items.  It is an adult's place to deal with the self not the partner's.