The Sociopath Next Door

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The Sociopath Next Door
Mon, 03-17-2014 - 11:15am

I highly recommend women read this book, especially those who are or who continue to get into relationships with men who are manipulative, cheaters, etc.  One of the first things that struck me in this book was the statement "1 in 25 people are sociopaths"  And from the postings I've read on this and other relationship boards, I can see how true that statement is.  Additionally, more men than women have sociopathic tendencies.  Sociopaths have a knack for making others feel sorry for them, and for making others think they are the problem in their relationship, in reality sociopaths have no conscience and will do what they want, when they want, without any thought for their partner. This is so true for the men who come and go from a relationship, they come back just to see how much more they can take (whether it be material things or self esteem) because it's all a game to them.  What women need to understand is that they have no control over a person who is a sociopath, so the sooner you can get them out of your life, the better.

This is an interesting link from the Huffington Post about Signs that you may be dating a Sociopath:

If you have come across or currently dating someone who might be a sociopath know that you cannot change them, sociopaths never seek out counseling because they don't think anything is wrong with them.



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Mon, 03-17-2014 - 12:34pm

1 in 25? So I am not really a sociopath magnet then. I think I need to read this book.

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Sat, 03-22-2014 - 3:28am

Excellent post! Thank you for sharing this with us. This is something that those in the Working on Your Relationship, Betrayed Spouse Support, and Divorce and Separation Boards all need to read.